Magic of Dr P

The Doctor Is In The House!


  • Interactive Fun with lots of audience participation
  • Always professional - with a style of "come with me" (no put-downs)
  • No smoke, mirrors, or animals to clean up after...
    • You'll be left with Joy, Laughter, and loads of Magical Memories!

Dr P's shows are filled with surprises, amazement, and fun
Guests consistently experience feelings of amazement and unbelievable fun...

Click the link below to bring high class, magical entertainment for your event at home, at your special club, or on stage.

Strolling magic available, too -
Dr P wanders to your guests as they stand or are seated, socializing at your gathering.  Their evening is enhanced with Dr P's performance of close-up miracles.

Children's shows can include an additional teaching session following the performance - ask about special packages.

Dr P’s Magical Entertainment Plus
  • Top off Dr P’s special magic show with an interactive hands-on teaching session.  That’s right!  Your party could revolve around your guests learning something that they can do right away!  Participants will love taking home a new skill and a specially selected trick or two as a great memory of the party.

  • A step further

    Wouldn’t you love to have your guest of honor to receive a special magic trick of a higher caliber? Perhaps he or she already knows some magic and has built to a skill level. Consult with Dr P and we’ll find the perfect gift of magical apparatus for your own special House Magician.

Your party will be the talk of the town for years after the Magic of Dr P entertains your guests. Period.  Yes, the Dr is in the house.

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